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Modern approach to websites. With Headless CMS you only use Kazper for content management and fetch data to your website using API. You have full control over your user experience.

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How to Build a Website in 6 Steps with Kazper's Headless CMS


Select the Right Plan

Begin by choosing an appropriate Kazper plan that caters to your needs and scalability requirements.


Design Your Website's Architecture

Outline the structure and flow of your website. Decide on the pages, content hierarchy, and user experience paths.


Set Up the Domain and CDN

Link your website's domain and configure the Content Delivery Network (CDN) to deliver your content seamlessly.


Integrate with Front-End Tools

Use Kazper's APIs to connect your content with your preferred front-end framework or platform, ensuring a cohesive website design.


Add and Organize Content

Leverage Kazper's CMS to create, manage, and distribute your content efficiently across your website.


Optimize and Analyze

Regularly review website analytics, making necessary tweaks for SEO and user experience based on insights and feedback.

Solid blogging platform

Kazper is a solid blogging platform that offers a distraction-free writing experience. It’s designed to be user-friendly from the get-go, with no setup required. You can immediately delve into content creation.

Omnichannel Delivery

Deploy content seamlessly across multiple platforms and devices, ensuring consistent user experiences with Kazper.

Advanced Security

Kazper's Headless CMS prioritizes data integrity with top-notch security measures, ensuring your content remains uncompromised.

Cloud-First Architecture

Harness the power of cloud with Kazper. Access, manage, and deploy your content from anywhere, ensuring maximum uptime and reliability.

Optimized Performance

Kazper delivers content at blazing speeds, ensuring your end-users enjoy a lag-free and responsive experience.

Robust API Integration

Easily integrate with your favorite tools, platforms, and services with Kazper's extensive APIs.

Intuitive User Interface

An elegant and user-friendly dashboard allows for easy content creation, management, and publishing, even for non-tech users.

Distraction-Free Writing

Kazper provides a distraction-free writing experience that allows you to concentrate on what is most important and publish your content with ease.

Kazper editor
Speed 🎉

Kazper is designed to be fast. Your content will always load quickly, no matter where your readers are in the world. It scores 100 in Lighthouse** for performance, accessibility, best practices, and SEO.

Great speed not only improves user experience but also helps you rank better in search engines and get more organic traffic.

** - Lighthouse is a Google benchmark used to test websites. It directly affects website ranking in search results.

SEO assistant

Get tips from the built-in SEO assistant to increase organic traffic and make your website more accessible. A well-structured website will skyrocket 🚀 your pages in search engines.

SEO assistant
🕵️ Privacy-first

No tracking, no external analytics. You have build-in analytics without any need to use an unusful Google Analytics.

🇪🇺 GDPR complaiant

We are located in European Union and we comply with privacy laws. That's why we don't use Google Analytics and other trackers.

🛡️ Top noch security

We use the latest security standards to protect your data. We also use the best hosting providers to make sure your website is always online.

Beautiful design

All themes are carefully crafted to be beautiful, minimalist, accessible, and fast. We believe that the right balance between these aspects is the best solution for blogging.

Minimalist blog design
Kazper design


Is it free to start with the CMS?

Yes, we offer a complimentary tier. To deter online spam activities, we request your credit card details. Kazper is a subsidiary project bolstering our primary enterprise, Responsly. We're currently focusing on minimizing efforts dedicated to countering malicious exploits, hence the need for card details. Yo'll only incur charges if you choose a premium package.

Can I integrate my own domain with the Headless CMS?

Certainly. By default, your CMS content will be accessible via the kazper.co domain. If you have a proprietary domain, you can readily link it. We're available to guide you through any technicalities.

Can you import data from other CMS platforms like WordPress?

Indeed, you can flawlessly transfer your content and data to Kazper. We devised this import tool primarily for in-house use, facilitating the merge of various WordPress platforms into a singular system.

Do I need coding proficiency to utilize Kazper?

No. Kazper fundamentally operates on a no-code paradigm, ensuring immediate, hassle-free deployment. You can start managing and disseminating content instantly without a coding background.

How can I optimize content distribution with Kazper?

Exploit numerous strategies to maximize your content reach — share through diverse digital platforms, engage with your audience via comments and feedback, or integrate with specific applications or plugins. Consistent, high-quality content distribution is key. With Kazper, benefit from analytic insights to refine your content strategy and maintain an optimal release frequency.

Can I monetize content managed by Kazper?

Certainly. Content managed by Kazper can generate revenue via advertising collaborations, or by promoting premium content and services. Establishing a paywalled content system is another method. However, it's vital to remember that meaningful revenue generation requires dedication and patience; overnight success is rare.

What kind of content should I manage with Kazper?

Opt for content that aligns with your brand's ethos and expertise. Genuine, insightful content naturally draws a dedicated audience. Recognize your target demographics and mold your content accordingly. Authenticity remains key — genuine narratives cultivate a sense of trust and reliability.

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