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My name is Karol Koronowicz and for last 10+ years I run Experience Managment platform called Responsly (formely interankiety). Kazper is a solution to my own problem of managing multiple websites. I used to write in multiple instances of WordPress, Medium, Squarespace, raw HTML, and markup files. I always had problems with distractions when writing. So, I imagined something that could offer a beautiful writing experience with the flexibility of running simple blog as well as large websites. That's why Kazper was created.

Kazper introduction

With Kazper, writing an article is super easy and distraction-free. You will also receive search engine optimization tips to reach more people through organic traffic. You can also set notifications to remind you to keep writing, as well as save post ideas and schedule your publishing calendar.

Your blog will be super fast and privacy-oriented - no external trackers. You can choose from many beautifully crafted templates.

When you want more flexibility, or you grow bigger, you can switch to the Headless API at any time and just pull data from Kazper, using Kazper as a Content Management System.

This is how I use Kazper: I write for 9 websites, some of which are fully on Kazper, while others get data from Kazper via Headless API. For me, it's a great solution to have all my writing in one place and to write in a distraction-free environment.

I encourage you to try Kazper, we require credit card details, but we’ll not charge you until you choose a paid plan. That’s to prevent all kind of SPAM activities that are polluting the Internet.

- Karol Koronowicz

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